Mix and Match - Create Your Own Look


The easiest way to spruce up any space is through accessories.  It's cost effective plus it's an easy makeover.  You can mix and match as you would with your wardrobe essentials.

Pick a favourite item in your space - let's say it's the geo cushions.  What are your favourite colours there?  Perhaps it's yellow and red.  Find other accessories in the same colours and set them in different parts of the room to draw you through a space.  That's why I stacked red and yellow lacquered bowls next to the cushions.

Perhaps what appeals to you is the geometry represented in the print of the cushions.  Let's say it's the ambiguity of the circle or the four petal pattern that you like.  You can highlight this effect by finding other items that resemble this pattern.   

These are just some easy ideas to try out.  Hopefully, I have inspired you to make your new decor statement for 2020.